I’ve been trying to hold of as long as I possibly could to start putting up some fall decor, but today I finally caved in. Fall is my JAM, so I’m feeling excited to get the house looking a little festive! The three EASIEST fall decorating tips to just get you started and what I started out with today?

  • Buy ALL of the pumpkins. Put then Inside. Outside. On shelves. On the counter. Anywhere! Get a variety- Different colors, shapes, sizes. They will look cute anywhere. Even those “ugly” pumpkins can look cute!
  • One of the literal easiest things to do to make the outside of your house look a tad more inviting and festive is to throw a wreath on the door. Make one out of dried goodies, buy one at Michaels or probably literally any other store in the world at this time of year, and slab it on your door and you’re good to go.
  • Get all of the mums. Same as those cute little pumpkins- put them inside or outside. Apparently having them inside also helps cleanse the air in your home from pollutants!

Almost everything in my home is used and from thrift stores. I love the thought of items being used over and over by families before me. There is a story to them. I may never know their story, but I love looking at items in my home and knowing that they have had a history. With that being said, Most thrift stores will often have a “seasonal section.” Always check these out before you head to to other stores if you’re on the hunt for some new fall decor!







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