I love thinking about back when everyone didn’t use the internet to find and store recipes. (Don’t get me wrong I still do this constantly. Can I get an amen for Pinterest?) However I love looking through the countless books my mom has full of recipes from everywhere under the sun. I love seeing all the ones my grandma had given to her and others in our family that bring back so many memories of growing up and eating the deliciousness that these recipes produce. I’ve made copies of lots that she had kept that I want to be sure to keep as well; not only to be able to make them here at home, but also be able to keep them in a big book full of recipes that I also find that I can keep passing down to our family. Some of my favorites that my grandma would always make, and still does whenever we are in Iowa: chocolate roll, rhubarb crisp (my rhubarb is already sprouting in the yard!), and her peanut butter bars. So. Good.

So my mama gave me this recipe book and I’m slowly trying to get things in there that I find, and also putting in the old ones that I love. Here’s to old traditions and new ones to come!


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