Luca Gideon surprised Justin and I two weeks early at exactly 38 weeks. I woke up that morning and was having some mild back pain, but really didn’t think much of it. Mild back pain is pretty common throughout your pregnancy, especially when you are nearing your due date. However as the day kept going on, I noticed nothing would help relieve it. I tried laying down a lot and resting wasn’t doing the trick.

I made it to about 6pm and then it was really starting to get quite uncomfortable. And for the first time the thought crossed my mind that I could possibly be in the early stages of labor. However I was so unsure because what I was experiencing was nothing I had been told contractions would feel like. I had absolutely no pain in my stomach area at all. I did, however, have a feeling something was up. So much that I told Justin he shouldn’t go to church that night.

Around 9pm my back pain was really starting to get bothersome and almost seemed that sometimes it was coming in waves. I decided to call the doctor from my OBGYN office. She told me that I could very well be in the very early stages of labor, but to just relax at home and just keep waiting it out and see what happens. So I laid in bed with Justin for a while trying to get some rest.

Around 10pm as I was laying there, I all of a sudden heard and felt a “POP” and I sort of had a freak out moment. “Was that my water?  That can’t be my water…What else could of that been?!” I stood up out of the bed and sure enough, my water had broke. I yelled to Justin what had happened (he was in another room). I went into the bathroom and noticed that my water had a brown tint to it and I remembered that my doctor said that if this happened to get to the hospital immediately.

Justin and I got into the car and headed straight for the hospital, and when they checked me when I got there, there was definitely meconium in my water. This will happen when babies are “under stress” in the uterus. Once the meconium has passed into the surrounding amniotic fluid, the baby may breathe meconium into the lungs. This may happen while the baby is still in the uterus, or still covered by amniotic fluid after birth. The meconium can also block the infant’s airways right after birth. I was not new to this term because that is exactly what happened to me when I was born, and knew how dangerous this could be.

On top of this meconium business my contractions started getting stronger. The doctors noticed that with each of my contractions, Luca’s heart rate was dramatically dropping. They gave it a little time to see if it would start improving but it was not. This was when the doctor came in and told me that we needed to get him out and that I would need a C-section. The told me they needed to have the neonatal team in the room with us incase anything was wrong with Luca when they took him out.

From that moment everything happened so incredibly fast. As I stated above my water broke around 10pm, and Luca was born at 11:30pm.


They got Luca out and praise God he was completely fine and healthy! Because of the c-section I was not able to hold him right away, but Justin was in the room with us and held him and brought him close to my face. The most crazy, surreal moment of my life. After I was taken out of the operating room and into a recovery room, I got to hold my sweet boy for the first time.


We stayed in the hospital for 3 long days with nurses and doctors coming in and out attending to Luca, and helping me to get up try walking every few hours. A c-section is a major surgery and little did I know I had a long road of recovery before me.

I am here now two months later looking back on everything. And I feel proud. Proud of my sweet Luca, proud of Justin for supporting me through everything, and lastly I realized I am so proud of myself. I am proud of the scar that I now have and proud that I didn’t blink when it came to the safety of my baby when things didn’t go according to “plan.”

The love I have for this sweet boy is like nothing I have ever experienced and I simply can’t thank God enough for the gift that motherhood is. I can’t wait for the adventure that is going to continue.





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